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Motivation & Action

Turbocharge your motivation at will and get excited to take action as you  become primed to get results

Rest & Relaxation

From deeper sleep to more mindful meditations, give yourself the downtime you deserve

Abundant Mindset

The life of your dreams starts with the thoughts in your mind. Discover how to become ready for abundance

Peak Performance

Propel yourself into the zone and skyrocket your self-confidence. Program your mind for optimum success

What's Inside The Hypnosis Lounge?

Growing Library of Transformative Neuro Hypnosis sessions covering motivation, relaxation, confidence, mindset and more

Unlimited streaming access to all current and future Hypnosis Lounge releases

Ongoing Mindcamps so you can join others making massive changes in their lives

Ways to earn NeuraTokens so you can download sessions for free (you get 10 NeuraTokens just for signing up!)

Exclusive world class Meditation Music and Harmonic Brainwave Synchronisation tracks

Incredible community of personal development focused people to support you on your journey

Meet Founder John Vincent


With over 20 years experience practicing, recording and teaching hypnosis and NLP, John Vincent is highly regarded as a Master Practioner.

John learned NLP directly from the co-creator Dr Richard Bandler. For the last 16 years he has been a part of the Core NLP Assisting Team in the UK, helping tens of thousands of people to learn NLP.

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John training practioners in the UK at NLP Life
John training practioners in the UK at NLP Life
With Dr Richard Bandler and the team
With Dr Richard Bandler and the team
Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists India
Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists India

Transformative Neuro Hypnosis™

Taking both his expertise in hypnosis and NLP John blends them with cutting edge Brainwave Synchronisation technologies.

This unique and powerful method of change is called Transformative Neuro Hypnosis.

TNH™ blasts through the self doubt and critical internal dialog. It zooms straight to your subconscious and effortlessly reprograms your mind for instant change.

The result is a pronounced effect on your subconscious mind, altering unwanted patterns of behavior, washing away negative belief systems.

Harmonic Brainwave Synchronization

Your brain is brimming with electrical activity every single minute of your life.

Each Brainwave differs from each other by their frequency.

From the busy Beta waves of normal waking conditions, to the deep Delta brainwaves of sleep.

Theta Brainwaves sit on the cusps between relaxed Alpha and the deep sleep of Delta.

It is here that you are in the perfect state for accelerated learning.

Each powerful session use's Harmonic Brainwave Synchronization to go deep into your unconscious mind and maximise your hidden potential.

Featuring These Breakthrough Brainwave Technologies

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World Class Meditation Music

Featuring the beautiful music of Dr Christopher Lloyd Clark BSc, MscD, Niraj 'amAya' Naik and more... Music which encourages deep relaxation, spiritual awakening, healing and altered sates of consciousness.

Created with just the pure essentials, featuring gentle wandering melodies and harmonicly rich instruments.

The captivating combinations of sounds will relax you to your core, encouraging your mind to become still.

Get Ready To Experience More From Life Inside The Hypnosis Lounge

To ensure you are primed and ready for your transformative journey we have a created an immersive digital platform. A platform which gives you the power to take control of your life and fully unleash your minds potential.

Inside the Hypnosis Lounge you get ‘always on’ unlimited streaming access to the entire collection of powerful Transformative Neuro Hypnosis sessions

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Now you can take the sessions offline anywhere any time. With NeuraTokens you pick and choose which sessions you like the best and download those to any device.

You can even save NeuraTokens and use towards one of our full Transformation programs at a later date.

Each month you will get 10 NeuraTokens and as long as you remain a member they will never expire!

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See What Others Say

"In all my time working with people and helping them make personal breakthroughs I had never seen anything work as fast as John can.”

Niraj Naik ~ Renegade Pharmacist, creator of SOMA Breath



“Your hypnosis recordings though give me an out of body experience like no other”

Sue de Jonge

5 stars

“I now look forward to other opportunities where I can speak in public. Thank you for working with me and helping me make this difference in my life.”

Marty Drury ~ Therapist & Life Coach, United Kingdom

5 stars

“This is truly awesome. I went so deep at one point that, all self-awareness dissolved. This is powerful…"

Ivory E. Mobley

5 stars